Classic Stories

Just a bit of motivation for all you “project car owners” that it doesn’t happen overnight.  Your build should take time and effort, and money, yes, but projects shouldn’t be rushed.  Every Day life gets in the way which doesn’t mean you need to Ebay, Gumtree and OLX your car because #notimeanymoreforprojectcar #nomoneyforprojectcar #takingupspace. Let … More Classic Stories

OverDrive 4DX

So I went to watch this movie last night and I just want to review it. The plot; was great, its an action movie with cars, I really enjoyed the story, it wasn’t a typical American Muscle or Tokyo drift type movie, it was set in France, Marseille with beautiful classic vehicles.  Its all about … More OverDrive 4DX

My Car Build Part 1

So the engine is in!  After many cuts and bruises with getting the mounts on, the engine is in, solid and stable.  Next step is gear linkages, Super stoked.  Yes I am wearing boxers while working on my car.  Watch this space for the next part of my build, its getting all exciting and stuff!!

Being a Car-mom

I love being a car mom.  Especially having a little boy whose toys’ are always cars , trucks and airplanes.  So we share a lot in common and have a blast on the weekends in the garage with my Opel Corsa build.  I think if I had a girl, she would be the same though.  … More Being a Car-mom