Burning Rubber


I have a Question… Why do woman not like the smell of either clutch, rubber or exhaust fumes, but like the smell of perfume,flowers,bath salts and incense. It is in fact, the same feeling vice versa.  Why don’t men enjoy going into feminine smelling stores that consist of flowers, perfume and incense, but can easily go to a drag strip or drifting event and inhale the essence of a vehicle.  I in fact enjoy both, but i prefer rubber burning than to a clutch slipping, that’s for sure.  I love my incense every now and then too.  What makes woman and men have different likes in smells?  It is such a vast difference between flowers and rubber, yet Men and Woman are both humans and have the same 5 senses… What makes us so different?

“The smell of gasoline can make some people nostalgic for their childhood, says Dr. Alan Hirsch, a neurologist and psychiatrist with an expertise in smell and taste. Gas may jog the memory of summers spent at the lake where powerboats ran rampant, or of summertime in general. We’re actually wired such that smells trigger memories. In fact, the olfactory lobe (which is in charge of smell) is part of the limbic system (which controls emotions)”.

So, personally I rate that when growing up as a child, smells are all new for us, we don’t know the difference between nice and ugly, as a young boy, you grew up working on cars with your father, you’re going to get used to it.  As for girls, they grew up doing their hair and make-up with their mothers and didn’t generally step outside and get involved with the boy activities outside.  So in the later stages of life, you have grown up and it is time to get your own car to drive and race, when you get a whiff of those smells, they take you back to your childhood, therefore you enjoy it.  When a girl goes into a salon and gets a whiff of the nail varnish, they take you back.

Some people will disagree with the above mentioned comments, which I don’t blame you, because cars might be a new hobby for you and has nothing to do with your childhood days yet you enjoy the smell?  Maybe, you don’t just enjoy the smell, maybe you just get used it enough that you can no longer smell the stench?

Have a look at this link and let me know your thoughts.





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